About Tradsol Ltd

kitchen design SwindonDave Bates and Dave Oldridge set up Tradsol Ltd in February 2003 along with a kitchen and bathroom showroom "David Charles Design". Prior to this the Two Dave's were in partnerships primarily as kitchen and bathroom installers. In the latter years of this partnership they began to specialize in 'wetroom' supply and installation.

It soon became apparent that there was a real need for a supplier who, not only could supply the very best wetroom products selected through years of installation experience but could also offer down to earth, common sense advice and support. Thus helping others achieve their goals of delivering a fail safe and simple wetroom solution to their customers. Over 30 years experiences within this field has now proven to be invaluable when offering the right solutions and advice for other tradesmen and renovators.

Our mission

This is when Tradsol began. We created a place where, in-house wetroom solutions could be demonstrated and displayed. Effective solutions could be explained by phone, fax or email. We have always striven to give effective support to the conscious tradesman and reassurance to their clients. We aim to supply quality products at the very best prices, with no compromise to service and support.

Where we are Now

In more recent times we have expanded our portfolio of products and are continually reviewing new products in the market place, making the best of these technologies easily available to our customers. Many of the manufacturers products we distribute for wetrooms can be used effectively in other areas of construction and renovation.
For instance:

showers SwindonARDEX: Who manufacture high quality adhesives, as used in wetroom installations (as recommended by Wedi), also make fast track smoothing and levelling compounds. They are specialists in tiling products for almost any situation you could imagine!

SCHLÜTER: Wetroom products, also manufacture high quality tiling trims, decoupling mats (Schlüter®-DITRA MAT) and a very impressive 'wet' underfloor heating system (Schlüter®-BEKOTEC).

DALLMER: Make a high proportion of the drain systems used by companies such as Schlüter and Wedi. They also supply drain components for almost any drainage situation.

IMPEY (AQUADEC): Wetroom system for vinyl floors and low profile tile floors.

WEDI: Are the market leaders in lightweight tile backer technology.

As with our wetroom products the associated products we carry such as Lithofin tile care range, Vysal Electric in floor heating, Porcelain and Natural Stone tiles and our kitchen and bathroom products (available through showroom David Charles Design) all carry the same standard of quality that our customers expect and associate with Tradsol.

Dave Bates and Dave Oldridge